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BiOBUDDi - Baseplate Blue - Eco Friendly Block Set - 1 Plate

Product Code: BB-0017B

Our Price: £3.99
Product description Learning by building, a distinctive trait of the BiOBUDDi play sets. These sustainable toys stimulate the imagination of children of the ages 1,5 to 6 and help them to use their creativity. BiOBUDDi offers baseplates in various colours. The baseplates are compatible with building blocks of other brands making this baseplate literally the foundation of their creativity.Long description Whether you're building a house, a shed, a castle or a stadium you'll always need something to build it on. BiOBUDDi offers the foundation to any creation you can imagine. Expand your collection with baseplates for more possibilities and give your creations a place to stand, sit or lie on. The environment friendly and biobased material is a durable foundation to any structure so go ahead and build!The biobased materials, more specific, the remains of sugarcane plants this baseplate is made of make this product both environment friendly and child friendly.Important notes Environment friendly, recyclable and sustainable.Easy to use, safe, colour right and easy to clean.Compatible with building blocks of other brands.A great addition to your collection of building blocks.Specifications:Contains a coloured baseplate.Age: 1,5 - 6Tips & Tricks Each creation needs a foundation, this baseplate is a perfect addition to any builder's collection. Take a look at the other play sets of the BiOBUDDi collection to fill up this baseplate with other environment friendly toys.